QnA in Seoul : Kim Sam

Q&A in Seoul Finally a new Q&A in Seoul! This time the topic is art and the guest is Sam. I've visited two of his recent exhibitions and I can tell you that after just seeing one of his artwork, you can see how Sambypen has a clear and very recognizable style. From his interview I agree [...]

Seoul : Vers Garden Cafe

Visual post: Vers Garden Cafe in images Vers Garden Cafe in Yeonnamdong Beautiful place with plants, flowers, coffee, flowers tea, and sangría! Where? 서울시 마포구 연남동 229-61 1층 (Easy to find from Hongik Station Exit 3) Let us know if you like it!

QnA in Seoul : Beomchul Kim

Q&A in Seoul Q&A in Seoul is back! I'm back to interview interesting people living in Seoul. This one interview was done before holidays to the filmmaker and director Kim Beomchul. His coleague Kim Junsu chose him, and we met at his studio in Hannam-Dong. Let's read what he said: Name: Beomchul Kim | Date: 14th June 2015 | Site: www.vtpb.com What do you do? I’m [...]

Seoul : 20 things to do in Hongdae

What to do around Hongdae, Hapjeong and Sangsu stations, in Mapo? The Mapo area is well known for having great places and festivals and for offering artistic and cultural activities. These are only 20. You can follow me while a look for more interesting places - Free ;) Now we really start: Go shopping (or window shopping) [...]

Seoul : eyeshopping Hongdae Storefronts

There are two ways to know the styles that run Seoul: first, observing what the fashionable people walking down the streets are wearing, or second, to direct our attention to the source, and do some window shopping. The Konglish term for window shopping is 'eye-shopping'. I bring you the fruits of my latest eye-shopping endeavor [...]

Seoul : Espirit Dior exhibition at DDP

Last Sunday I went to the Dior exhibition at DDP. If you're in Seoul you can visit it until 8.25, if you're not, check these photos. Al igual que en la exposición sobre Chanel, en la Esprit de Dior también puedes descargarte una audio-guía que te explica cada parte de la exhibición. Lo que me [...]

Tokyo : Food time! Restaurants and dessert places

Sushi, green tea, otonomiyaki, crèpes,... in Tokyo! Cuando subo fotos de mis viajes parece que paso una gran parte del tiempo comiendo. No es cierto. ¡De verdad! Pero sí admito que aprovecho bien cada comida para así probar un plato típico del país o que me llame la atención. Aquí os dejo parte de mi menú [...]

Seoul : PLAYNOMORE pop-up store at Beaker

IRENE x PLAYNOMORE @play_nomore x @ireneisgood x @tmi_toomuchinformation x @beaker_store Yesterday was the opening of the Korean brand PLAYNOMORE 1st pop-up store. The trendy brand prepared an event at Beaker store in Chungdam. What did we see there? Models, fashion people, food and lots of bags and accesories with blue eyes!

Seoul : Afternoon tea at Mon Chou Chou

Looking for a cafe to enjoy a great afternoon tea time in Seoul? There're many nice places in Garosu-gil and around Sinsa lately. We decided to give Salon de Mon Chou Chou a try. From Osaka to Seoul, now we can enjoy their sets, parfaits, royal tea, happy pouchs and much more. Take a look: Where? 524-36 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul [...]

QnA in Seoul : Junsu Kim

Q&A in Seoul A new music related person on Q&A, after Julian Quintart and Yann Cavaillé. Kim Junsu is music producer and has a music label called HBR. I like how his favorite place is his studio, you're doing well when your work place is your favorite place. Know more about him with this interview! Name: Junsu [...]

QnA in Seoul : Mihyun Na

Q&A in Seoul Last December, I met Na Mihyun in a cute cafe near Anguk Station (that's why you can see Chritsmas decorations all over the place!). Minhyun is the person behind the designs of Blue Dot and Stripe brand. She's been working on it for over a year, and also, a couple of months ago, she started [...]

Hong Kong : Goldfish Market

Goldfish Market 金魚街 - Mong Kok Antes de visitar Hong Kong, había buscado esas famosas listas que hacen (hacemos) los blogueros con "10 cosas que ver" en cada ciudad. En mi lectura no recuerdo haber visto nada sobre el, por lo visto, famoso Goldfish Market. Se encuentra al lado de la parada de metro Mong Kok, donde [...]