QnA in Seoul | Kim Sam

Q&A in Seoul Finally a new Q&A in Seoul! This time the topic is art and the guest is Sam. I've visited two of his recent exhibitions and I can tell you that after just seeing one of his artwork, you can see how Sambypen has a clear and very recognizable style. From his interview I agree [...]

Entrevista : Conoce a la artista sevillana ANAJARÉN LABARIBARUSKA

¿Hasta qué punto una prenda de ropa puede considerarse una pieza de arte? ¿Es la intención del diseñador lo que marca la diferencia? Tras descubrir el trabajo de la artista sevillana Ana Jarén estaba segura de que tenía que pedirle su opinión sobre esos dos campos creativos que en sus ilustraciones se unen tan fácilmente. Por supuesto, mi [...]

QnA in Seoul | Beomchul Kim

Q&A in Seoul Q&A in Seoul is back! I'm back to interview interesting people living in Seoul. This one interview was done before holidays to the filmmaker and director Kim Beomchul. His coleague Kim Junsu chose him, and we met at his studio in Hannam-Dong. Let's read what he said: Name: Beomchul Kim | Date: 14th June 2015 | Site: www.vtpb.com What do you do? I’m [...]

QnA in Seoul | Junsu Kim

Q&A in Seoul A new music related person on Q&A, after Julian Quintart and Yann Cavaillé. Kim Junsu is music producer and has a music label called HBR. I like how his favorite place is his studio, you're doing well when your work place is your favorite place. Know more about him with this interview! Name: Junsu [...]

QnA in Seoul | Mihyun Na

Q&A in Seoul Last December, I met Na Mihyun in a cute cafe near Anguk Station (that's why you can see Chritsmas decorations all over the place!). Minhyun is the person behind the designs of Blue Dot and Stripe brand. She's been working on it for over a year, and also, a couple of months ago, she started [...]

QnA in Seoul | Kang Inki

Q&A in Seoul I met the Photographer Inki Kang at his photography studio in Gangnam. He was with his, now, wife, the French designer Sandra Meynier (first interviewed person in the Q&A in Seoul project).  In his former background you can find Science Studies before he decided to go for Design. At some point, he found out what he really [...]

QnA in Seoul | Yann Cavaillé

Q&A in Seoul If Julian Quintart was the main character a couple of Q&A in Seoul interviews ago, let me introduce you this time the other half of Pute Deluxe: Yann Cavaillé. It was really interesting to meet him outside, in the morning, when he's not working. He's a really easygoing person, I guess that can be really [...]

QnA in Seoul | Alex Finch

Q&A in Seoul Alex Finch left London 8 years ago and came to Seoul (sometimes amazes me how long some foreigners have been living in Korea) to work. You'll see him around the streets in Sinsa, mostly Garosu-gil, in some fashion events and at the Seoul Fashion Week (which starts this weekend!). Models and fashion details are what [...]

QnA in Seoul | Julian Quintart

Q&A in Seoul The French designer Sandra Meynier suggested me to do the Q&A in Seoul interview to Pute Deluxe, formed by Julian Quintart y Yann Cavaille. Here's the first interview. After the Adidas Flagship Store party in Apgujeong, where he was as DJ, some photos with his fans, and few signatures, we get to the nearest cafe. Julian Quintart came to Korea 10 [...]

QnA in Seoul | Xin Jung Ah

Q&A in Seoul Again a woman designer, but this time she's from Korea. She's Xin Jung Ah, mastermind behind Hexynghexyng. As the other guest, she chose the place where we met: Lay Bricks Cafe (this is how I found the place!). I suggested her to write it in Korean, if she wanted to and felt more comfortable, but Jung [...]

We interview Ollie Henderson, who started the riot! [Eng. Ver.]

[Originally published on MyMadness magazine | Puedes encontrar el artículo en Español en la revista My Madness] Q. What is Start the Riot and how did it start? Start the Riot is a project of the House of Riot aiming to empower young people to speak up and use their voice, by using mediums that they connect [...]