QnA in Seoul : Yann Cavaillé

Q&A in Seoul

yann qa

If Julian Quintart was the main character a couple of Q&A in Seoul interviews ago, let me introduce you this time the other half of Pute Deluxe: Yann Cavaillé.

It was really interesting to meet him outside, in the morning, when he’s not working. He’s a really easygoing person, I guess that can be really helpful with his work. What does he do? Well, what he doesn’t do?

After a hangover lunch in a Thai restaurant, we sat in a really nice cafe in Itaewon and this is what he said/wrote about himself:

Yan Cavaille hana-muv QA Seoul-1

Yan Cavaille hana-muv QA Seoul-2
Yan Cavaille hana-muv QA Seoul-1-6

Yan Cavaille hana-muv QA Seoul-1-4


Name: Yann Cavaillé | Date: 10/09/2014 | Site: facebook.com/yanncavaillemusicyanncavaille.com

What do you do? DJ, Marketing, music producer, par time TV show host, part time model, Event planner, starting a clothing line

What do you aim for? success & happiness ^^

Disadvantages and difficulties in your profession: Late nights / alcohol temptation / constant social gatherings / time management / hard to establish a routine

Who or what inspires you:  any new talented bedroom producers, any new startup.

The moment you decided to live in Seoul:  working for HP computers in England in the marketing dpt, I found myself bored, really bored and wanted to discover something new

Favorite book, film and music: ASIMOV – Foundation // K-pax // Peter Paul & Mary in the early morning rain.

Favorite place in Seoul:한남 the embassy streets

What do you think you will be doing in one year?  the same but bigger!!!

A person who deserves recognition for his/her work: Inki Kang because he’s Awesom YEAHHH!

Photography&Q: hana-muv.com

Illustration: Meritxell Jubert


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