Seoul : Deep Coffee

I pass by this cafe everyday but today was the first time ordering something. I went to Deep Coffe with my friend, had a green tea latte (a huge one! makes sense the ‘Deep’ part in the name) and finally got to see the menu. They serve many drinks and coctels, now I understand why there’re always tons of people at night. It becomes a club!

The interior decoration is quite difficult to explain: each table and chair is different, there’re lots of coffee paper cups, a strage lamp and some random photos hanging over the place. Ah! There’s as well a basket shoes collection!

It seems that Deep Coffee is a branch of Standing Coffee, famous place in Itaewon. But in this one you can sit (if you go early enough), have a coctel and enjoy the night with good music, good weather and, I hope, good friends.

 Where? Hongdae Station – exit 2

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